1935Born in Bizen City, the eldest son of Tosyu Yamamoto, a Living National Treasure.
1959Started making pottery.
1962-98His works were accepted 25 times for the Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition.
1965-76Received a prize, 3 times, at the Chugoku District Japan Industrial Art Exhibition.
1967Visited the United States, Europe and the Soviet Union for ceramic study.
Acknowledged as a regular member of the Japan Industrial Art Institution.
Gave an exhibition with his father, in September, at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
1969-98Held a solo exhibition,12 times, at Mitsukoshi Department Store,Tokyo.
1968Visited South-East Asian countries for ceramic study.
1973His work was accepted for the Second Japanese Ceramic Art Exhibition.
1974Invited to exhibit his work at the Bizen pottery(“History of a Thousand Years”)Exhibition.
1975Received the Governor’s prize of Okayama Prefecture at the Bigei-kai Group Exhibition in July.
1976Won a Kaneshige Toyo Pottery award.
1977Appointed as an exhibition juror for the Chugoku District Japan Industrial Art Exhibition.
1980received a Merit of Culture from the Okayama Nichi-nichi Newspaper Company.
1981Invited to exhibit his work at the 6th Japan Pottery Art Exhibition in May.
Received a Merit of Promotion from the Minister of Education at the Genga-kai Exhibition in December.
1983Received a Grand Prize from Sanyo Newspaper Company, at the Okayama Prefecture Art Exhibition in September.
1985Visited China on a Cultural mission from Okayama-city.
1992Received a Merit of Cultural Contribution from Sanyo Newspaper Company.
Appointed as an exhibition juror for the Okayama Prefecture Art Exhibition.
1994Received a prize at the “Yaki-shime”(unglazed)Ceramic Art Exhibition ’94 in December.
1995Appointed as President of the Genga-kai Group.
Published ”Tradition and Creation(the Technique of Bizen Ceramics)”.
1996Won a Grand Prize from the Tanabe Museum of Art at the 13th Formative Ceramic Arts in Tea Ceremony Exhibition in March.
Designated as a ‘Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Treasure’, in Okayama Prefecture.
Received a Prime Minister Award at the 18th Genga-kai Exhibition in October.
Received a Merit of Artistic and Cultural Contribution from Okayama Nichi-nichi Newspaper Company.
1997Invited to exhibit his works, in September, at the Traditional Beauty of Bizen Ceramics(History of One Thousand Years)Exhibition held at the French National Ceramic Museum.
1998Invited to exhibit his works, in January, at the Memorial Exhibition as designated ‘Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Treasure’, in Okayama Prefecture, at Tenmaya Department Store, Okayama. Invited to exhibit his works at the Exploring Japanese Ceramics ‘98Exhibition in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Nara (held under the sponsorship of NHK Broadcasting),from May through December.
Received “Kon-ju Hosho”( a decoration given to a person for his contribution to the public)from the Prime Minister’s Office in August.
Held his 12th solo exhibition, commemorating his 40year career at Mitsukoshi, Tokyo in September.
1999His work “Bizen Octagon Bowl with Fire Marks” was purchased by the French National Ceramic Museum.
Held a solo exhibition in New York City.
His works “Wide Mouth Flower Vase with Stripes” and “Round Vase with Fire Stripes” were purchased by the Imperial Household Agency.
Held his first solo exhibition abroad at “Cast Iron Gallery” in New York in May.
Held a solo exhibition at “Gallery Okuda” International” in Washington, D.C. in October.
2000Held a solo exhibition at commemorating his first solo exhibition abroad at Tenmaya Department Store Okayama in March.